October 7, 2020 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (10)

We made it to 10!!!! Here's another round of websites that kept open in my browser.

I hate the calculator on phones, but love excel on PC. Need to do multiple calculations on the go? Bookmark this one on your phone! It's a tiny excel sheet which is (when needed) sharable.

Do you calculate; subnets, IOPS, latency, license or virtualisation costs? Then you must be a sysadmin! Other features are a port database, WHOIS, password generator, etc, etc.

Self hostable RSS reader.

Harry's Garage
There are too much tire burning, noisy revving, powersliding youtube channels. This one is different. A true petrolhead who brings his knowledge into reviewing old timers to brand new supercars. Harry's channel is refined and overloaded with passion.

Relative Cosmic Velocities
We're 'cruising' with 2.160.000 km/h around the universe, weeeeeeeeeee! So glad we never slow down or accelerate ;-)

How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home
Someday I will buy a roaster and do it by myself.

Interviewing Barack Obama's Photographer Pete Souza
"The Fro" interviews one of my favourite photographers, Pete Souza. In the interview they discuss the importance of documenting a presidency. And how Souza's work differs from the current administration. But watching the still images taken by Pete Souza during Obama's presidency is probably the best way to discover why this is so important. Obama: An intimate portrait