July 27, 2019 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (3)

New week, new set of browser tabs that kept open.

Article: Apple bleee. Everyone knows What Happens on Your iPhone
An article about what you share when taking advantage of the sharing functionalities with Apple devices. However, no vulnerabilities, but something you should keep in mind.

Article: Teenager can walk again thanks to Dutch 3D printed spinal implant
Saw this topic during a late night show on Dutch television. Amazing story about a young guy suffering from neurofibromatosis and new technology that prevented an imminent paraplegia.

Map: Open Infrastructure Map
Take a view on the hidden infrastructure behind electricity, water, gas & telecom.

Infographic: 31 days of security awareness
A collection of things you should do to keep your data safe. My advice; first go for the quick wins. Second, learn the things you don't understand till you do. Third, evaluate regulary.

Article: How Trump ended up in front of a presidential seal doctored to include a Russian symbol
Trump's PR was definitely not in control of the screen behind him. Someone altered the presidental seal that showed an Russian symbol and a set of golf clubs. And they still don't know who did it.

Infographic: Qualification results of the German Grand Prix.
F1 should use these kind of visuals.