September 24, 2019 · Browser Tabs

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Habits: A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone
We all have it, a phone. We all do it, wasting too much time on it. And too many times when opening an app, I realize that I did the same thing a few minutes ago. Annoyed by that, I allready found myself some ways to extend the distance between me and my too close relationship with my phone. Here's how.

Apple: What is the new Apple U1 chip, and why is it important?
Past week, Apple announced new iPhones and a new iWatch. At first sight no shocking new features, besides some camera and screen updates.  A closer look to Phil Schiller's presentation shows the new U1 chip. "Ultra Wide Technology" is probably the next big thing waiting around the corner.

Apple: Apple’s Watch Is Smarter, but My Casio Keeps Getting the Job Done
Just bought myself an Apple Watch. Fact is; my 15 year old Casio ($35,-) will outlive that "way too expensive smart-gadget piece of crap" with decades! ;-)

Screens: WTF the terminal dashboard
Since we had our first computer in 1986, I always kept a softspot for the terminal screen. Today we're spoiled with fantastic graphics which can be a bit overwelming. Reading an article online with all the ads, feeds, pictures and multiple tabs open in the browser it's not easy to keep an overview. This tool does it all, just plain text in only one screen, fully customizable by yourself.

Geek: Wiseguy Changes License Plate to "NULL" gets 12K in parking tickets
Ouch, this one backfired pretty badly.

Website: A love letter to my website
When reading this article I couldn't agree more with the writer. I remember those days when I started my first website on a free hosting. Almost every website that existed was interesting, ad free and no pop-ups. My website was a collection of bookmarks with visitor-counter and guestbook included :-)