January 17, 2020 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (6)

It has been a long time since I last documented my open browser tabs here. The plan for 2020; more links of interesting tabs that kept open in my browser, less writing.

Internet Exchange Map
A map that shows the places where the internet-spaghetti comes together.

Everything I know about SSDs
Technical, but easy to read write-up about how SSDs work.

Getting started with security keys
What you need to know about 2-factor authentication. A very long but complete article.

My Business Card Runs Linux
Awesome, but my security minded braincells say; "Malware delivery by business card"

Frank Abagnale on the death of the con artist and the rise of cybercrime
Ever saw the movie "Catch me if you can"? How the hunted becomes the hunter. His career lasted much longer than being a criminal.

2oo ways to revive a hard drive
This one goes way back, haven't seen this document since the early 2000s. I can confirm, the freezing trick does work (in some cases) ;-)

Space milestones: here are the missions to look forward to in 2020
2020 looks like an exciting year for human spacecrafts and mars missions!

Chatistics: Python scripts to parse your Messenger, Hangouts, WhatsApp and Telegram chat logs into Dataframes.
Parse your Whatsapp groups into statistics.