April 12, 2020 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (7)

Another round of websites that kept open for a while in my browser.

If you need some sun, beach, cocktails and '90s in your home-office.

Reactie Universiteit Maastricht op rapport Fox-IT (dutch)
The university of Maastricht was attacked by ransomware. This paper is a very good read about the complete timeline of the attack and how it could've happened.

I just fell in love with this note-taking app.

What are the safest sources of energy?
The outcome might (or not) surprise you.

Quantum internet: the next global network is already being laid
I already wondered how quantum computers would communicate.

Explorable Explanations
A collection of gamified explanations covering a wide range of subjects from art to social science.

How to SSH properly
Nice tutorial about administration on *NIX-systems using SSH done the right way.

Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi
Ditch ZOOM asap! In times of crisis you can't have another (databreach)crisis. Really have to try this one out myself #todo

Twit.tv: This week in Google
My interest in podcasts definitely has it's roots in "This week in Google". I'm following this weekly podcast for years now and it never bores. It's casual, informative and a lot more than just Google these days.