April 28, 2020 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (8)

Websites that kept open in my browser window. Here's another list of them.

Space Engine
When you've seen enough Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and can't stand another episode of Tiger King. Do some space travelling in this universe simulator. It will keep you busy for hours.

"A fun platform for learning modern cryptography", is what they self describe about the website. They may complete this with adding "with a steep learning curve". You like crossword puzzles? This is a total different cookie to bite!

25 Basic Docker Commands for Beginners
Wish I found this one before I decided to run Docker for this website.

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Tracker
SpaceX is launching a lot of satellites lately. They're building a meshed network of satellites which will provide broadband internet with global coverage. Short after deploying them (up to 60 at once) you can easily spot them with the naked eye. Depending on where you are, this website will show when Starlink satellites pass over.

A nice command-line tool for data hoarders like me. It downloads video's from Youtube and many other sites. Comes in handy when you need an offline library to keep kids busy with video watching while travelling or just want to store your favorite concerts locally. (ssssssh; it strips off advertisements too)

Get notified when a website you follow changes it's content. Tracking changes can be done visually or by text. Don't confuse it with RSS which is mostly based on articles or new content.