August 9, 2020 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (9)

Here we go again! Another round of interesting sites that kept open in my browser for a loooooong time.

fyi: You can bypass youtube ads by adding a dot after the domain
This surprised me a bit. Is it really that simple to block ads with just putting a dot after a domain? – yes it is. It even works to bypass paywalls on newssites like the NYtimes.

ISS Photo Explorer Flat
Since the first mission on the International Space Station in 2000 a lot of pictures have been taken by astronauts from earth. These pictures are made public by NASA. This website is an easy tool to find pictures based on your location. However, NASA's own site does have some more advanced features: Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

How the Apple Watch Ejects Water in Slow Motion
The Apple Watch has the ability to turn off screen input while swimming. When disabling this "water mode" the watch is buzzing a very low frequency sound trough it's small speakers. This will wipe-out the remainders of water. The video below shows how this looks like when filmed with a high speed camera. It's surprisingly effective.
Comprehensive list of privacy aware/improving services and software. The site is well maintained and adapts it's contents to current privacy challenges. MS-DOS Games
My dad bought his first computer when I was the age of three. It didn't took long before I hit the keyboard and mouse for hours of games. In my late teens these "old" games became unplayable and had to run them using an emulator, which didn't always go well. This website is a real gem for millenials who grew up with floppies and diskettes. Just open your browser and play your old time favourites like; Wolfenstein 3D (1992), Stunts (1990), Alley Cat (1984), Winter Challenge (1991), The Incredible Machine (1992) and Ports of Call (1989).

Light pollution map
Must have for astronomers. Dark skies are scarce around Belgium and The Netherlands.

Nikon FTZ Lens Compatibilty
For a moment I was planning to replace my Nikon D3200 for a Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera. Nikon is campaigning massively to the mirrorless direction. Just check their roadbook for DSLR-camera's where introduction of new models replacing D5300 or D7500 are no where to find or delayed. Going mirrorless you have to use the Z-mount. An F-t0-Z adapter comes as a solution, but not everything is compatible. This site is very well documented and maintained.