The Coffee Logbook

I have a thing with coffee. Not just coffee. The list below shows coffees which belong to the category: Specialty Coffees. It's the top level league from farmer to cup. For more information about how different this is from the regular cup, see: What is Specialty Coffee?

Why this list?
When I started buying specialty coffee I continued an old habit of cutting out labels from the coffee bag. These labels were "points", once collected a huge amount of them you could trade them in for discount when buying a new machine.

These days, instead of cutting out the points, I collect the descriptions and saved them in a box. A few years ago my box became full and realized that when put in a spreadsheet probably some interesting details would come up.

This list is far from complete and up to date, labels have been forgotten or lost. But you can read that my favourite roastery is: Caffenation. My favourite roast; filter coffee, because it's more easy to process than espresso. And the favourite countries of origin; Ethiopia and Kenya.

At last, this list is probably useless to everyone but me. It's just a fun habit :-)