July 12, 2019 · Browser Tabs

Browser Tabs (1)

Another reboot of the blog. Don't know exactly what to post in the future. But let's start with some articles I found interesting this week:

Article: Why Should You Use Cloudflare Like I Do
And this blog does too....

Article: Why did moving the mouse cursor cause Windows 95 to run more quickly?
This one goes way back! While using Windows 95 years ago I did mentioned this too, today it's confirmed.

Infographic: Symphony - 3D Blockchain Explorer
Data is beautiful, especially when turned into 3D animated graphics

Cars: Gercollector's amazing 10 million euro car collection
Only one car on this list I can afford....

Infographic: The Atlas of Moons
I really didn't knew until my little son told me that we have a lot of moons in our solarsystem. "The Atlas of Moons" shows an amazing graphic and details of all moons in our solarsystem.

Article: There’s more than one way to write an IP address
Did you knew?